Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Create custom buttons for your macros in Microsoft Excel

Have you created a macro that you use often? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a button on your toolbars that ran the macro so you didn't have go through all the menus every time you want to use it? Here's how to create a custom button that can be placed on any toolbar for easy access.
  1. Click Tools --> Customize...
  2. Select the Commands tab. From Categories, select Macros. Then click on, hold, and drag the Custom Button to the desired place on one of your toolbars. (The same thing can be done with the Custom Menu.)
  3. With the Customize dialogue box still open, right-click on your button to assign properties, change the icon and style, or give it a name. Click Assign Macro... to enable the button to run your custom macro when you click on it. Select the desired macro and click OK.
  4. Close the Customize dialogue box and test out your new button!
It's as easy as that!

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